Chocolate Macaroons

I have had a small obsession with macaroons lately. I have been buying the Hail Merry Macaroons at the grocery store, oh yes, so… good. Anyway, they are over $3 for a little tiny bag, not feasible. So I thought, okay, I can make these.  I played around with their ingredient list and came up with a…
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People Watching

Do you ever people watch? This sounds a little ridiculous, but it is actually enjoyable. Over our vacation a few weeks ago I found myself people watching. It is interesting to me to see how people interact with one another, and how people act in general. I saw all kinds of people. Some who appeared to generally enjoy life, and their surroundings, and some others who appeared to be off in a different world. A world far away from reality and manners. While I strive to be a non-judgmental person, sometimes that gets the better of me. Some times I just want to say:

Get Off The Flipping Phone Please!!!

I mean really? I understand the convenience of having the internet on your cell phone, but upload your pictures to Facebook when you get home. You are missing the special moment of your kid at the beach. The one who’s picture you just took because they are so stinking cute you just have to share it to your closest 400 Facebook friends, all the while he/she is still doing something cute and you have once again tuned out into Facebook world to show everyone how much fun you are having, but really you are still on Facebook, but you are at the beach too.

Pay Attention to Your Screaming Child!

It seems as though more and more lately I come across parents who are oblivious to their child who is having a full on tantrum right in front of them. The parent is either on the phone, again, just meandering along as if nothing is happening. Don’t get me wrong. My children are expert tantrum throwers. I have been there. It is how you choose to handle the situation that will help sooth the child. If your child throws a tantrum in the middle of a crowded amusement park, guess what? They have to miss out on a bit of fun, and so do you Mom and Dad. Being a parent is though work, but you have to push through.  Your child is trying to tell you something. He is overtired and ready to sleep. It is okay to have a light schedule when your kiddos are little. They need a lot of rest.

Say Excuse Me When You Deliberately Walk in Front Of Me!

This happens everywhere. When I am grocery shopping and I am just about to reach for an item on the shelf, someone comes along and walks right in front of me. I get that grocery stores can been very busy, but hey. I am busy too, and I didn’t walk in front of you without saying those two precious little words. “Excuse me.” That’s it. That is all you need to say. The other day I took my mother to the doctor and to the pharmacy to pick up her meds. I’m not sure if I was wearing some sign that was invisible to me, but quite bold to everyone else, but it must have said something like “Please cut me off in this line, I enjoy standing here.” Ha. I mean seriously, I was cut in front of by three people. I would never cut in front of someone. Didn’t we all learn this in grade school?

Okay, okay, so enough ranting. I guess that was buried deep inside me and was just screaming to come out. I have been noticing these things about people in public settings and just never voice how I feel about it. Really, where would I voice it? I am certainly not going to cause a public scene and tell the lady with a screaming child at her side, who is also texting who knows who, while she cuts me off in the store. The Kayla ten years ago maybe, but not this Kayla. Ho Hum.

 Do you ever feel like you just have to say something that bothers you?

Back To School

Summer is almost over, and the kids will be back to school before you know it. Mid August is usually the time when we start back to school shopping, and  planning for lunches, snacks, and supplies.  Our school hands out a supplies list that we need to fulfill before the first official day. When we…
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Pirate Party Part 2

As promised, I have the final pictures from my son’s pirate birthday party. Here is the fun part. Every Pirate party needs a treasure hunt right? My husband created a cute little treasure map of our yard that the kids could easily follow. They all worked together to read the map, and find the hidden treasure….
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