Essential Oils

I took a class earlier this summer about essential oils, and ever since I have been obsessed. There are different companies out there that sell essential oils, but with a price tag. I have slowly been buying oils from amazon, so I have a pretty good little collection now. I have been mixing the oils…
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Room Spray

Since I have boys I always need a good room spray, particularly in the bathroom. I can’t tell you how often I clean my bathroom. Yes, you read that right. Bathroom! Singular, meaning just one. 🙁 We make do, but it isn’t always easy. B and R tend to take the fire hose approach to…
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Non Post

Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been whining a lot lately since I developed a nasty rash as a result from having brown tail moth hairs fall onto my neck. If you have never heard of the brown tail moth you’re not alone. They happen to be over populated in my town and surrounding towns, but no where else. The little hairs on them are poisonous, and extremely itchy. So, that is my excuse.:) I even missed out on lunch with one of my closest girlfriends that cam to Maine for a visit. 🙁 I have some blog catching up to do, but I will be back to posting on Friday. Have a great week.