5 Benefits of Yoga for Kids

My boys and I recently started doing yoga at home. I have found this to be a sure way to involve the kids in a healthy activity that has proven to be very beneficial for their minds and bodies. Not only does it provide a fun activity, but it also provides many benefits that help your child grow. There are many long cold days in the Winter months that drag without something new to engage in. I have found the summer months to also have a few days where it is actually too hot to even play outdoors. Bring out some kids yoga during these times. You might decide to implement this into your child’s routine permanently.

5 Benefits of Yoga for Kids include:

1. Relaxation- With school, sports, dance and all the other organized activities our kids are involved in, they can get tired quickly. Sometimes I think we should take it down a notch and give them a chance to relax and take a break. Yoga provides your mind and body with natural relaxation. Once in a relaxed state, your brain can shut off any unwanted stressors, or hyperactivity. 

2. Inner fulfillment- Daily, or weekly yoga exercises can become enjoyable, thus creating a new hobby for you and your little one. Try implementing yoga into your morning routine. A little yoga after breakfast can help create a positive outlook on the day ahead. Kids can dive into life’s challenges with an anxiety free outlook, and achieve many of their personal goals.

3. Boosts self esteem- Deep breathing during yoga helps boost self esteem and confidence. The deep rhythmic breathing helps calm your nerves, and lower anxiety. Once these skills are learned at a young age, they are easily carried on into adulthood.

4. Enhances strength and flexibility-  I like to look at yoga as pretty much an accident free activity. Certain yoga poses work your muscles as you hold the pose for a period of time. Gradually over time your muscles will become more flexible making these poses easier.

5. Improves everyday focus and concentration- While engaging in yoga poses our bodies natural response is to decrease the amount of adrenaline it produces, making us more clam and able to concentrate or focus on an activity. This is particularly helpful for school age children who need to pay attention to a classroom lesson, or take a test. Sometimes it is difficult to sit still, especially for those kiddos who struggle to keep focused.

Challenge yourself to yoga once a week to start. Let me know how you make out.

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