6th Birthday Party

B turned 6 this week, so tis past weekend we had a big party with family and friends to celebrate.  I thought I would share  few pictures with you from the party. I made Skylander cupcakes, as B is obsessed with Skylanders. I think he ended up getting 13 of them for his birthday, along with the actual game system. The cupcakes are my regular chocolate and vanilla recipes with buttercream frosting that I have shared on the blog before. You can find the vanilla recipe  here, and the chocolate recipe here. I found the Skylander ring on amazon, and used dye free naturally colored sugar crystals to top the frosting. The kids loved them.

I kept the snacks light for this party. It was supposed to be held at our local playground, but since the weather was not on our side that day, we relocated the party to our house. I filled mini plastic cups with different kinds of fruit for the kids. I had a large bowl of fruit salad for the adults. I also had popcorn for everyone. The fruit cups are so colorful and yummy.

This is my little family. The boys are wearing Skylander masks that I had set out on the table. All the kids wore one. So cute.

Here are the Skylanders. Ha. B had a blast having this group of friends over to celebrate him turning 6.


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