I’m Back!!

I am back!! After more than a year since my last blog post, I am back. Life has thrown some challenges my way which have prevented me from putting any time, or energy into my blog, but it has always been on my mind. I will be posting on a monthly basis from here on out. I hope all of you readers are well.

Back To School

School is back in full swing, and we are transitioning from summer break quite nicely. Our beach days are dwindling, I still squeeze in some beach nights, soccer has begun, and so has the homework. If you are like me you will crave a schedule and routine right from the start. I have found a few helpful tips that help make our mornings, and evenings a little smoother.

  • Lay out school clothes the night before. Bam! If B knows hat as soon as he wakes up he gets dressed in these certain clothes, it takes the struggle out of the morning routine. There is no scramble of what to wear, since it was decided 12 hours before hand.
  • Set an alarm for your child.  I learned that my son responds well to having his own alarm clock. He feels a little more grown up, and it is a fun way to make sure he wakes in time to complete all of his morning responsibilities. I feel like he was less apt to listen to me when I go into his room and wake him over and over again.
  • Let your child help make his/her own lunch. If your child is involved in choosing his own foods for the day, he is much more likely to eat them. Plus, this is a fun way to spend time with them before you send them off for the whole day. (I miss mine.)
  • Allow for mishaps. This is a big one for us. I have learned to allow 10 extra minutes to our morning in case something unexpected happens. Usually the unexpected, (or annoyingly expected) is a last minute #2 bathroom break. My boys take forever in there. 🙂 We also have the occasional spilled milk on clothes, or shoes that just don’t feel quite right.
  • Play before homework. This may sound backwards to you, but for us this method works the best. I feel like kids need some down time away from the structure of school before they jump right into homework. Let them run around outside for 30 minutes, have a healthy snack and then tackle the homework.
  • Bedtime before 8pm. We actually aim for 7pm, but I know many parents who push bedtime later and later. If we want our kids to be their best in the morning, they need to have adequate sleep each night.
I am hoping for a fantastic 2014/15 school year. Do you have any other helpful tips to share? Please leave them in a comment below.
Thanks for visiting, Kayla

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Non Post

Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been whining a lot lately since I developed a nasty rash as a result from having brown tail moth hairs fall onto my neck. If you have never heard of the brown tail moth you’re not alone. They happen to be over populated in my town and surrounding towns, but no where else. The little hairs on them are poisonous, and extremely itchy. So, that is my excuse.:) I even missed out on lunch with one of my closest girlfriends that cam to Maine for a visit. 🙁 I have some blog catching up to do, but I will be back to posting on Friday. Have a great week.

5 Anti-inflammatory Foods

*Image found here*As many of you know, I have been battling digestion issues, and have uncovered many food sensitivities as a result of a blood test. Before I learned which foods do not agree with my body I literally looked 6 months pregnant once I ate in the morning. This was both embarrassing, and uncomfortable.  Eating an…
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Beach Love

    We are officially on summer vacation. Woohoo! I am lucky enough to be able to spend the summer at home with my boys, and not go to work every day. This may be my last year staying home, we’ll see.  For now I plan to create a fun filled summer for my boys,…
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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I had such a great day, I hope you did too. My family and I spent the day exploring our beautiful state. We took the boys to see a lighthouse, and walk the large rocks out into the water to reach it. They had a blast. After that we had a picnic lunch…
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The girls.

We got baby chicks. They are so adorable. I am in love. 🙂  The hatched on Wednesday, so they are only a couple days old. The boys absolutely adore them, and are so excited to watch them grow. We have all six of them named already. Their names are Camille, Lucy, Belle, Chip, Callie and…
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Earth Day 2014

Earth Day is tomorrow!!! We LOVE Earth Day in our house. This is the day that we can dedicate to appreciating the beauty of the Earth, and helping to maintain it. All year we work hard to reduce, reuse, and recycle so everyday is kind of like Earth Day, but April 22nd serves as a great reminder of the work that needs to be done.

 My family celebrates Earth Day by planting a tree, doing special earth day planting, and crafts, and picking up trash in our community. This is such a good learning lesson for my children. They love to take part in it, and share their experiences with their friends and family. They effects certainly rub off onto others, surely making a difference. That is what it is all about. If you are just beginning to recycle try doubling your recycling amount each week. You will love seeing the amount of trash you have reduce, and your recycling increase. What a difference you could make. Also, try to always pack trash free lunches for you and your children. The more little things you can do will make a huge impact on our planet over time.

See last years Earth Day post.

Thanks for visiting, Kayla