Easter Basket on a budget

I love an excuse to buy for my kids. They get so excited, and the look of their faces is priceless. I feel that many kids are over gifted these days. My husband and I try not to over buy for them, as they both have so many toys already, plus we want our children to respect, and appreciate their toys.

Easter shopping this year was pretty simple now that my boys are interested in many of the same things.  I found that most items come in a pack of two, which was helpful in keeping my cost down. I even got extra lucky and bought a package of six travel tissues with the CARS Pixar characters on it for $1.00. I put one pack in each basket and I can save the remaining packs for their Christmas stockings. (You do realize that the Easter bunny, and Santa Clause are friends right?)  Here is a break down of our Easter basket contents this year:

Kite $2.99
Coloring book $1.99
Book $1.00 (school book order)
blue cup $3.50
parachute man $2.00
Cars travel tissue .16
bubble wand $1.99
Annie’s fruit snacks .79
sticky guy (inside an egg) .50
Little white bunny (free, handed down from Grammies craft collection)
Toothbrush .50
Organic Jelly Beans
Total= $15.42

My husband and I choose to limit the amount of candy our children consume.  I skipped the traditional chocolate bunny, because really who needs all of that sugar? If you read the label you will learn that these kinds of candy are filled with junk. We do however buy organic jelly beans, gum drops, and fruit snacks to fill our colorful eggs for our family Easter egg hunt. I also fill these eggs with fun stickers, and small toys from the dollar store. Keep holiday buying simple, and fun. Set a budget, and stick with it. My kids are not deprived of toys or candy in anyway, and we still manage to spend less. Happy Easter!


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