Essential Oils

I took a class earlier this summer about essential oils, and ever since I have been obsessed. There are different companies out there that sell essential oils, but with a price tag. I have slowly been buying oils from amazon, so I have a pretty good little collection now. I have been mixing the oils and making different blends using fractionated coconut oil as my carrier oil.

Since fall is right around the corner, and germs tend to come out of no where, I wanted to mix some oils that will help fight off some unwanted cold germs. If you have the extra money to spend on Doterra or Young Living Oils, this blend is basically the same as their On Guard, and Thieves oils.
I think! I ordered these little glass roller top bottles from amazon, and fill them 3/4 full with fractionated coconut oil. I then add the essential oils. Most of mine come from Plant Therapy, which are 100%pure. I mixed 4 drops of cinnamon oil, 4 drops of wild orange oil, 4 drops of rosemary oil, 4 drops of eucalyptus oil, and 4 drops of clove bud oil. Just roll this blend onto the bottoms of your feet. I actually felt a cold coming on the other day, sneezing, headache, all the regular cold symptoms, I used this blend before bed, and woke up feeling fine. I can’t wait to beat the colds this winter. Have you experimented with essential oils at all? I am having so much fun with this, I’m sure I will have something else for you soon.

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