Fall Crafts..Spooky Eyes and Ghost Feet

 Are your kids excited for Halloween?  My oldest has declared Halloween his favorite Holiday.  We have totes filled with decorations that are displayed all over the house, and outside. This year my husband and the boys made a zombie climbing a tree using old clothes and a mask stuffed with leaves. We have ghosts hanging from branches, and spooky hands coming out of the ground. Ha! Halloween is certainly celebrated around here.
Lately we have been making Fall/Halloween crafts inside.  I have been perusing pinterest which is my go to place for kids craft ideas. We decided to make ghost feet by painting the kids feet white and press onto black paper, super easy.
We also made spooky eyes. I saw this idea on the Today’s Show. All you have to do is paint a paper towel holder black, cut slits for eyes, and insert a glow stick. We waiting until dark and set the spooky eyes in a bush outside. It was a great outcome. The eyes really glow. The boys loved this.

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