Mini pita pocket lunch (egg free)

Mini is always better….as far as my four year old is concerned. I found these mini pita pockets at Trader Joe’s last week. My son LOVES them. I sliced them in half, added a bit of mustard, a mini slice of ham, and two pieces of fresh spinach. Simple, and delicious.

Orange slices, quartered tomatoes, cheese pieces, and Little Lads herbal popcorn make up the remainder of this yummy lunch. The treat is a no bake cookie ball. (recipe to come)

*Most of the preschool lunch ides that I will post are egg free. There is a friend in my son’s class who has an egg allergy. We mostly try to create egg free lunches. Once in a while if we do have an egg product in my son’s lunch, it will need a label so he is seated at the other table.

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