Our Elf

So I finally caved and got the elf. Lately my boys have been giving us a really hard time. My little guy has multiple tantrums each day, which as I’m sure many of you know, is exhausting. My friend Missy convinced me that this elf is the exact thing we need right now.

I have to admit I was against the elf on the shelf idea from the very beginning. I see how most people post pictures of their elf getting into mischief. As far as I know elves are not supposed to be naughty. Am I right?  I feel as though this sends to wrong message to our kids. Our elf is silly rather than naughty. His name is Snowflake. He was sent to our house by Santa himself. Snowflake leaves each night to report back to the North Pole, then returns to rest in a new spot in our home. The kids rush out of their room in the morning in search of the elf. It is adorable.  He is usually found hanging from a curtain rod, or hiding in a mixing bowl. B gave him permission to have a snack so this morning he was sitting in the fruit bowl holding a banana. The evidence shows that he did nibble a few bites from it.

Do you have an elf? Is he silly or naughty? 🙂

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