Pirate Party Part 2

As promised, I have the final pictures from my son’s pirate birthday party. Here is the fun part.

Every Pirate party needs a treasure hunt right? My husband created a cute little treasure map of our yard that the kids could easily follow. They all worked together to read the map, and find the hidden treasure. It was so cute. Their little faces were priceless.  Keeping the map simple was definitely key.

And here you have the hidden treasure. This picture was taken well before the treasure was actually hidden outside. I knew once the kids found it, there would be no hope of snapping a picture before it was demolished. We found an old tool box, and simply added some gold duct tape that I found at Joann’s for $2.99. I filled the treasure chest with the party favor bags that I had ready for each child who attended. This is where RSVPs; really do come in handy. I did have a couple extra bags in case we ended up with an extra child. That usually happens when a sibling tags along.

The party bags are filled with dollar store party favors, Annie’s fruit snacks, and an organic lollipop. My son really wanted a piñata, so this was our form of one. I just feel like kids do not need a load of candy to take home with them after they have already gorged on cake and ice cream. I added some plastic gold necklaces, and coins to the treasure and called it good. I must say, it came out great.
The party was a blast. My main goal is to provide a fun, safe party for my children and their friends. This party met my goal, and provided memories that will not be forgotten.  They are only little for so long. 🙁 When my son is an adult I hope he remembers at least a few of his childhood birthday parties, and appreciate his childhood, and his parents.

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