School Lunch

Here is another school lunch picture to show you. I feel like lunches are getting a little redundant lately since I have outdone my winter food options. I can not wait until Spring. The cold is starting to get to my bones at this point. I am writing this post in my bathrobe as I struggle through my nasty February cold. I have the full shebang, chills, fever, sneezing coughing. Blah! I hop you are surviving the cold, or enjoying the warmth depending where you are. This is officially my last weather related complaint. You can expect a positive outlook from me from here on out. 🙂

In this lunch:
Vanilla Greek Yogurt with shredded coconut and frozen blueberries
Ham, cheese and spinach on a tomato and basil wrap
Sour Cream and Onion Bunnies
Strawberries and Mango

Thanks for visiting, Kayla

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