School Lunch..A Wedge of Brie

B loves brie. I made a similar lunch for him last year in preschool, and it was a huge hit, he made it a regular request. However, I think this year it is a different story. This lunch box did not come home empty. The reason: limited time to eat. He basically ate the brie, but left all the crackers. It looks like I will be saving this lunch for home.

I decided to join B for lunch to see just how it all works. The kids get 20 minutes to eat. By the time they sit down, open their lunch and get started the clock is quickly ticking away. Then if they chat with their peers at all, forget about it. I am now thinking up easier, quicker lunches for him to eat. Stay tuned.

In this lunch:
Brie with crackers
turkey roll ups
chocolate chips


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