School Lunch..Pasta Salad

As I am sitting here on a Sunday night writing this quick little blog post, I am realizing just how tired I am. I sometimes feel like the energizer bunny, and go go go, then only feel tired when I stop. Sometimes I feel like I need to go to bed before he kids. We have been a little extra busy this week, plus I am fighting a cold so on comes to lack of energy.

This lunch was actually a last minute, left overs kind of lunch. We had leftover pasta salad in the fridge. How easy is that? Just throw it in the lunchbox. 🙂 A cheese stick and yogurt tube were easy to grab, however they do add some trash to my trash free motto. Also in this lunch we have grapes, mango, tomato, and trail mix. All organic. I should mention that regardless if I list foods as organic, they most always are.
Have a nice day!


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