School Lunch

As you will notice this lunch is not in our usual planetbox. 🙁 Lately B has come home with his backpack so stuffed full and heavy I am concerned for his little 6 year old back. The weight of the planetbox and his stainless steel water bottle along with library books, his folder, sneakers, and random fundraiser papers that always seem to come home, we end up with a heavy load. I decided to try a lighter lunch container a few days a week. This once is from, and is made from bpa and phalphate free plastic. So far it has worked well for us, although I will always prefer the non-plastic planetbox. (I feel like I can’t say that enough.)

In this lunch:
Pinwheels, cream cheese mixed with carrots, olives and spinach
Ham, Cheese and tomato kabobs
Herbal Popcorn

Thanks for visiting, Kayla

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