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 I can hardly believe it is 2014. What a great year 2013 was for my family, I cannot wait to see what the new year brings. I am not too big on setting new year’s resolutions simply because I feel as though you don’t have to wait for January to come around again to set a new life goal for yourself. Personal daily reminders work well for this mom. What is important for me is to live in the moment and not get ahead of myself. The kids grow way… too fast, and I don’t want to miss a single minute of it. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I had a request from one of my readers, who also happens to be one of my friends. She is looking for more choices in snack/lunch containers for her little ones. I have posted in the past on some of my favorites, so I thought I would extend that a little more.
I still swear by the Safe Sippe, and Safe Sporter Cups made by Kid Basix. They are made from stainless steel with a bpa free plastic top. I do most of my shopping on amazon, but you could order directly from kidbasix, or another site. Here is a direct link.

For baggies, and other food storage I use ItzyRitzy, and To go Ware.
Visit ItzyRitzy here.
Visit To Go Ware here.

And Of Course for lunches I LOVE the Planet Box. See here

A less expensive smaller choice is the Lunch Bots. See here.

Another fun snack container option that I recently purchased, and love is Slim Snack. See here.  I fill these with carrot sticks and granola all the time. It works great.

When you view my blog and read my School Lunch posts, you probably noticed these silicone muffin cups. I like to include these in B’s lunches as little dividers, for fruit and veggies. Silicone is my preferred material over plastic.  I picked mine up at JoAnn Fabrics but you can find them on amazon or any local craft store.

Also in B’s school lunches are these food picks.  I like to stick them in lunch meat, or anywhere in the lunch to add a fun detail. B likes to guess which animal is in his lunch before he opens it.

I hope some of this helps Lindsey. Please let me know if I missed something you were wondering about.

Thanks for visiting, Kayla

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