Summer Crafts

How cute are these? I found both of these craft ideas on pinterest the other day. You can view the original site here. I love coming across kids craft ideas that include materials that I have right in the craft closet. I always see cute ideas that involve a trip to the craft store which I sometimes do not feel like dealing with. This one is pretty basic.

These caterpillars are simply clothes pins with pom poms glued to the top. Add some eye balls and you’re done. I only had big eyes on hand, but smaller eyes would look better.


The popsicles stick airplane is made with three popsicle sticks. Painting is the fun part. Cut one in thirds and use only one piece of I for the back. Glue the pieces to a clothes pin.

Anything involving paint in my house is a sure win. My kids LOVE to paint. 🙂

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