Trail Mix

Do you ever come to the end of the week, and realize that there is literally nothing left to snack on? Well, that is how I felt last week, although I am pretty sure it was more like a Wednesday rather than a Friday. My husband has been home a lot lately since he has to use up his remaining vacation days before they run out. He eats a lot. Especially after he goes to the gym. It seems as though his appetite just keeps on growing. I am thinking this might be my preview with two growing boys. The teenage years will undoubtedly bring lots of hungry boys.

I threw together this “trail mix” or sorts with ingredients I just happened to haveĀ  in my pantry. Next time I would probably skip the Chex, but it turned out rather tasty, and made a great snack option too. So next time you are running low on your regular munchies, try making a trail mix with ingredients you have on hand.

My Trail Mix Includes:

Corn Chex Cereal
Organic Raisins
Golden Raisins
Shredded Coconut
Dried Organic Apples
Organic Banana Chips
Slivered Almonds


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