Vacation Packing

We are headed to Florida at the end of the week so I have been busy packing for everyone.  Traveling with kids can be a challenge so endless activities, and snacks for the plane seems like a practical idea. They both have Leap Pads, which we will bring. ( I highly recommend these, they are great little learning tablets.) The boys got coloring kits, new crayons, and a new coloring book for Christmas. I picked up a new sticker book for both of them that will be a surprise once they open their carry on while on the plane.

I searched around online to find a fool proof method for packing kids. These gallon sized Ziplocs seem like they will work perfectly. I packed a complete outfit in each bag. Each morning I can just hand the kids their bag of clothes, and they can get dressed without having the hassle of mixing and matching away from home.  As you know I am not a fan of plastic baggies, but these will definitely be reused over and over.

We are so excited for our trip. I can’t wait to have my family together in the sunny south for a week. *I will return to blogging on Monday February 3rd. Stay warm.

Thanks for visiting, Kayla

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